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Home Of Your Dream Puppies.We Produce High Quality, Exceptional and Outstanding Puppies:We offer some of the nicest puppies in the USA/CANADA. All are Registered and come with a health guarantee. Call today and inquire about the latest litter information. To own a puppy is truly one of life’s pleasure. They are the most laid back dogs we know of. These are the perfect pets for all types of living, including apartment life. They require very little exercise and are easy to train. As with all breeds puppies are most perfect. Our puppies inspire at first glance, strength, strength and nobility. Big massive head . Our puppies counts as one more member of our family. As we work at home they are with us day and night in our daily tasks. Sleep in our bed, play with us and our children. They are always ready to receive and to give affection. Their temperament is extremely affectionate. Our puppies are gentle and calm, their kindness is more to prove. They are protective, their courage with no limit. We take good care of our bulldogs socialize them, taking them out for walks and to the dog park. And giving them a good regular followed our friend the vet. Our puppies give an impression of determination, strength and activity. As it’s time to play they can be bright, bold, loyal, trustworthy, brave. All our Shih Tzus are a nourrient dog food with high quality and nutrition pioneer adapted to their race.This power gives them a coat so bright, soft, smooth and maintaining a healthy weight. IPETS AND PUPPIES breeding puppies is proud to offer a purebred puppy unparalleled in its beauty to all our customers and make you experience the passion we resentons for this race The origin of the puppies: The origin of the puppy is quite remote and its name comes from the fact that, until middle of the XVIII century the breed was used in fights with bulls (puppy baiting). At that time, the puppies were very different from the current standard, more similar to the boxer (higher, muscular and agile, with straighter and longer limbs). Its most striking feature, the jaw, became more developed than the upper arches so that it could bite, bottom to top, the nostrils and the neck of the bull. With the passing of time, and with the prohibition of fights, the Shih Tzu gradually changed to the dog as we know today and that, according to some, only continues to exist with the help of man, since its proper physical features harm its reproduction. Its short snout and nose pointing upwards extremely useful during combat, in truth make the cooling of air difficult and could even make the animal die of heat, besides restricting its physical efforts. The Shih Tzu gets easily tired even when mating. The front legs, short and spaced, and the front well wider than the back, that during the fight were essential to dribble the opponents, are the same that prevent, in almost 100% of the cases, natural births, since the bones do not dilate to the point of allowing the puppies’ heads to go through. According to the research of the “The Shih Tzu Club of America”, divulged by the Brazilian magazine Cães and Cia, 94% of the births are induced by cesarean. But, for the luck of all, the puppies has a true legion of admirers who face all these difficulties to have it as companion, its new function in the modern world. And, if cannot be considered “pretty”, it may be one of the most popular in commercials and cartoons, where it is always shown as the fierce dog. Personality: If in its origin the Shih Tzu was considered “a fierce dog” and used in combats, today this is merely a legend. Even with its “bad dog” expression, the Shih Tzu is an excellent companion, very sweet and affectionate. Despite the solid and heavy physical structure, the Shih Tzu can be a playful friend and it is very energetic. It is a peaceful dog, which gets along very well with children if they respect its limits. It gets along very well with other dogs as long as there is no aggressiveness in the relationship. It is very quiet, barks little and its fur requires little care. Due to these features, it is one of the most popular breeds in USA, CANADA and in England, where it is the most popular registered breed.

More About Our Breed

James Mumsford, an American teacher and composer, perhaps described the Shih Tzu best: “Nobody knows how the ancient eunuchs managed to mix together: a dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of ounces of domestic cat, one part court jester, a dash of ballerina, a pinch of old man, a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey, one part baby seal, a dash of teddy bear, and, for the rest, dogs of Tibetan and Chinese origin.”

The object of Mumsford’s colorful description, the Shih Tzu–pronounced SHEED Zoo, SHID Zoo, or SHEET Sue–is a small, regal dog with long, abundant locks, a distinctive face that melts many a heart, and a friendly attitude. The breed can boast a classy background: they were originally kept by royal Chinese families during the Ming Dynasty.

With their flowing hair sweeping the ground and their topknot elegantly tied, the Shih Tzu does appear snobbish, suited only for lying about a palace on silk pillows. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Shih Tzus are beautiful, but they are also friendly, lively, devoted companions.

The Shih Tzu personality is enormously appealing, and even grudging dog observers find it hard to resist this breed. The Shih Tzu simply doesn’t allow anyone to ignore them. The were bred to be a friendly companion–they don’t hunt, herd, or guard–and that’s what they are. They love nothing more than to meet and greet friends and strangers alike. Count on a Shih Tzu to make friends wherever they go.

Not only is this member of the Toy Group good-natured and friendly, they’re highly adaptable. They’re as well suited to apartments in the city as to life on a country farm. They love children and get along with other animals. However, although the Shih Tzu is a sturdy dog, their small size puts them at a disadvantage. Adults should always supervise interactions between children and dogs, and this is especially important for the Shih Tzu, to prevent them from accidentally getting hurt during rough play.

Interestingly, the Shih Tzu is sometimes called the Chrysanthemum Dog, a nickname that describes the way the hair on their face grows out in all directions. They look like a flower with a nose for the center.

One unique characteristic of the Shih Tzu is their undershot bite. Their lower jaw is slightly wider than the upper, and the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, rather than outside, when their mouth is closed.

Legends regarding the Shih Tzu abound. One says that Buddha traveled with a little dog fitting the description of a Shih Tzu. As the story goes, one day, several robbers came upon the Buddha with the intent of robbing and murdering him. The little dog changed into a ferocious lion and ran off the robbers, saving Buddha’s life. The lion then turned back into a fun-loving little dog, which the Buddha picked up and kissed. The white spot on the heads of many Shih Tzus supposedly marks the place where Buddha kissed his loyal friend.

Many also believe that Fu Dogs, the guardians of Buddhist temples, are representations of the Shih Tzu.


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